Here are a few user reviews and testimonials about our steel drum mallets. If you have purchased a set of mallets from us and would like to add to this page, send us an email at:

"Purchased the 11" mallets. I had a spinal fusion a few months ago and limited mobility in my lower back made playing ALL of my cellos difficult. These extended my reach just enough that I'm back playing! They're well made ....evenly balanced ....& comfortable ....even playing a fast moving soca!!"
Traci - Virginia
"I ordered a pair of 8" purple lead pan mallets with the combination tips. I am very pleased with the look of them and they are very comfortable in the hand. Ordering was a breeze and delivery time was superb. They arrived safe and sound in a postal tube, which afforded excellent protection from any damage that may have otherwise occurred going through the mail system.
I will not hesitate to order from you again in the future, and will highly recommend your product to other pan players. Thank you for your superior product and prompt service."
Wendy - New Mexico
"I just recieved my steel drum lead mallets today. I ordered an 8", Heavy Gauge, in Transparent Blue and they are simply amazing. I've been playing wood mallets for about 5 years now and this is a huge change but a welcome one. They are so much easier to play with and it might just be something my own mind made up, but I think it makes the drum sound a lot better than it already did. I also appreciate that your company powdercoats the mallets instead of painting them. Obviously you already know that powdercoating is a lot more durable and that feature will probably come in handy with how much I move my drum around. Thanks again for your awesome product!"
Andrew - Pennsylvania
"Craig, just wanted to let you know how much I like the lead mallets I purchased from you. The mallets not only play well in all registers, but are pleasing to the eye as well. Thanks for making such a great product as such an affordable price."
Brad - Kansas
"I play pan professionally and need mallets that give me the sound I desire from my instrument every time I play; Craig's mallets definitely deliver. I took a chance on these mallets because I had no referral, but the site looked like the real deal. I haven't been disappointed in my purchase. Craig's mallets have a great balance, durable rubber tips (dual design which is awesome), and a great look. Overall, very good craftsmanship and I highly recommend these mallets. Craig, keep up the good work; I'll be doing business with you in the future."
Sam - Georgia
"You're mallets are very well balanced and look great. The 9" length feels comfortable in comparison to double second mallets made by others. I've noticed that the mallet tips create a darker, more haunting sound in the lower range than I've ever heard on my pans before. Your mallets are the best quality product for the price that I've seen. Thanks for a great set of mallets!"
Howard - Texas
"These mallets are just perfect and I wouldn't trade them for anything. My hands feel nice and light, and my melodies are sweeter. I tried many types of mallets over the years, but these from Craig are the ultimate best. These days my orange mallets make me want to play and play and play my db2 all the time."
Paul - California
"Craig, thanks so much for the steel drum mallets. The kids at my parties absolutely LOVE all the cool colors! They are well made & durable. And thanks for sending them to me so quickly. You're the best!"
Kathy - New Jersey
"Craig's mallets surpass anything we have used so far. They have a great, articulate sound and are very durable. My kids love the colors!"
Todd - Texas
"I am enjoying the mallets very much. The design of the product is is very useful. The sound is very well-rounded and the lightness creates room for versatility in playing a wide range of tunes."
Jerime - Georgia
"The mallets are great! They're my first pair of lead pan mallets, so I don't have much to compare too, but they produce a good sound throughout the range of the pan without my having to work too hard at it, which is great for a beginner like myself. Thanks for a great product!"
Kevin - Kentucky
"I am quite happy with my mallets! Plus all my other band members are jealous cos mine look so nice! They are great and make the pan sound really nice! I play with them everyday!!"
Serena - Great Britain
"Hey craig, the mallets are amazing. I showed them to my band instructor and he liked them, too. They are perfectly weighted so I can roll faster hit really high notes and sound better than everyone in the band. I really like that they are double tipped. They let you play longer with the same pair of mallets, plus they don't slip out of your hands. I bought another pair of mallets shortly after I bought the ones from you to compare which one I was going to like better. I had the other ones for about ten minutes and gave them to my friend. The only mallets I will ever use are the mallets from . Thanks for making a great product and I will definitely be buying from you again."
Justin - Alaska
"Hello Craig, i really like my new guitar mallets, i like the 11" better than the 9 1/2" I had, the balance and feel are perfect! I really think they help me play better! Thanks again."
Kenny - Arizona
"These sticks are great!! They give the pan a really nice rounded sound and are great if you drop them because you don't get a terrible crash! I use them every day and they don't have even a small dent. My friends in the band I play in all have wooden sticks and you can clearly hear the difference in sound. A really good piece of kit."
Tomas - South of England
"I purchased the guitar/cello mallets and they are fabulous. The weight and length are perfect, and the grip is awesome. They are extremely well made and I am very impressed with the quality. Much gratitude!"
Ali - Canada
"I honestly just started playing steel drums recently at my college but compared to the my instructor's mallets that I've used, I like them a lot more. The general consensus within my percussion studio was that the mallets were really nice, and my instructor especially liked the fact that there was rubber on both ends of the mallet because being a teacher he has constantly seen students drop mallets while they are playing the pans and he likes the fact that the extra rubber helps to protect against damaging the pans. One of my classmates said that they liked the fact that the mallet had a little bit of weight to it. Personally, what I liked best was the length of the guitar mallets I bought. The mallets I had been using prior to now were smaller and I felt like it was harder to move around the pans with them. These mallets, however, are nice because they give you the extra length I feel that is needed to be able to hit the innermost notes on the pan."
Michelle - Massachusetts
"My group are really enjoying the mallets. They feel great in their hands, very durable, and get excellent sounds from the steel drums. Couldn't ask for better mallets and great prices!"
Harold - Arkansas
"The mallets are excellent! Just what I was looking for. Thank you for the craftsmanship."
Holden - Texas
"I love these mallets! Have bought several from Craig and they have all been perfect. The weight is great as well as the tips. Plus, Craig is very reponsive to questions. Have recommended these mallets to others."
Berta - Florida
"The mallets are great! I bought them for my sister to use and she absolutely loves them; the color, the feel, everything. She's really excited about having her own set of mallets to use during practice and in performances. Thanks for the great service!"
Amanda - Ohio
"Last week I ordered pairs of both sized mallets to see which I might prefer. I liked the 8Ē so much I ordered another pair this week. I also really like that you put tips on both ends. I had been doing this on my mallets since an instructor pointed out how easy it is to ding the pan if you drop a mallet. Iím also very impressed with the finish on the shaft. So I just wanted you to know Iím very pleased with your products. Thanks."
David - California
"I ordered a pair of transparent blue lead mallets, and I got them today. They're better than I expected! I can't wait to try them out tomorrow, and brag about them being double sided to my buddies at school. I'm planning to spread the word around the band, because these mallets feel perfect in my hands. They are an easy adjustment from my old ones. Thanks Mr. Craig!"
Caroline - North Carolina
"I received a set of your double second mallets and a set of spare tips a few weeks ago and love them.
I called you to ask about possibly exchanging the spare set of double second tips I got for a set of double tenor tips, to address an issue I was having getting some very high notes to sound without having to strike them harder... You told me that you don't sell double tenor tips, but took the time to enquire in depth about the issue I was having and upon describing my problem, you suggested trying lead tips, which you said will solve my problem - You promptly mailed out a set of tips to me and they did indeed solve the problem! They now play all notes clear with an even touch.
The double second tips have a mellower sound while the lead tips have a brighter sound, so I fitted each mallet now with two different tips ( lead and double second), which allows me great flexibility in sound and touch...
There's a lot to be said for someone who knows his product and the instrument they were made for - these mallets feel so good and really sound great! Better than any of the others that I have bought from other online vendors. The customer service you gave me will make sure I remain a loyal customer and refer others to you.
These mallets on my double tenors, sound so good and feel so right, to play calypso every night!
Thank you so much for your uncalled for and much appreciated gesture.."
Ram - New York
"Hello Craig- I purchased the mallets for my 9 year old Son who is learning to play steel drums. They are made very well and have a beautiful tone. We are really enjoying our purchase from your website! Thanks again!"
Alanda - California
"I've found the mallets from to be exactly what we need for our student ensemble. The design is simple and effective, which is what is best about the mallets. The colors add an unexpected visual effect and the response between implement and playing surface is exceptional."
Terry - Missouri
"We LOVE your mallets...they feel so good and natural in our hands...wonderful balance and sound. The color choices are excellent too - makes it easy to keep track of whose mallets are whose!"
Joel - New York
"I have to say, I was impressed with how fast the turnaround was when I ordered my lead mallets from you. Great service! And the quality of the mallets is wonderful. I plan on ordering more in different colors, just for fun. Thanks for a great product!"
Sunny Jim - Florida
Joel - New York
"Love, love, love the mallets! Perfect balance and they really get the best tone out of my lead pan. It goes without saying they look great too! I'll be back..."
David - Maryland
"Thank you for the great service. When you didnít have the color I ordered, you phoned and followed up with an e-mail and I was able to change my selection and get my mallets in just a few days. The service was great and other players in our pan yard were impressed with the quality of the mallets. I wouldnít be surprised if you got more orders from friends. Several panists requested your web address. Great mallets, great price, great service."
Larry - Canada
"Thanks for the note, Craig. The mallets are perfect, and I love them. They're very comfortable (just the right length) and produce a great sound. I like the pretty blue color, too!"
Sara - Texas
"I like the mallets very much. They are just what I wanted.The service is GREAT."
Arline - Maine